Orchestral World Premiere

I will never forget the experience of listening to my first composition being performed by an orchestra (and it was by BBC Concert Orchestra! conducted by Charles Hazlewood) at Roundhouse, London, March 11, 2013.

“Rumble to the Past” was a work I composed in late October, 2012. It was half abandoned as I was working on my Trio for Piano, Clarinet, Viola (Transformasi) that term and the deadlines were very close together. BBC Concert Orchestra talent search Baroque Remixed Project’s deadline was 26th November 2012 while my trio submission was on 28th. I finished the piece over the weekend on saturday-sunday prior to the deadline (I still don’t know how!)

I sent it in on the day of deadline and a few weeks later got a call from BBC Concert Orchestra that my piece was chosen of 5 composers that will be in workshop at BBC Maida Vale Studios London. My nerves haven’t ever been that crazy ever in my life on the day of workshop (which mine was played last and all of the other pieces were very intimidating!), and not to be mentioned on the day of performance at Roundhouse.

I was so nervous that my legs were shaking really fast (almost like jogging) while i was sitting on the backstage. Deborah, the BBC CO assistant and some other backstage crews were asking me if I were okay a few times and even gave me some water to drink. I couldn’t help the tears coming down my cheek too, I wish my parents could have been there to watch the performance and acknowledge me being a ‘real’ composer.

I was really pleased and glad that it went really well and the audiences seemed to be enjoying the piece too. Some of the audiences told me how they were impressed and enjoyed the piece after the concert.

Really grateful for this experience and I hope it won’t be the only one!

Biggest thanks to Andrew Connolly (BBC CO General Manager), Charles Hazlewood (conductor and panel of Baroque remixed), Anne Dudley (panel of Baroque remixed), Andrew Cottee (panel), and Cynthia Fleming (panel), Andrew Knight (harpist that I’ve troubled on the piece :p) and of course to BBC Concert Orchestra’s wonderful players.




full-length concert of Baroque Remixed concert:


about Baroque Remixed:


Finalists announced:


Concert Programme:


Video of the workshop at Maida Vale Studios:

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