First Chamber piece World Premiere

I’m so happy that my newest chamber piece “Adventure to the Bottom of the Sea” for Septet of Violin, Viola, Cello, Doublebass, Horn, Clarinet, Oboe was performed beautifully by the CHROMA ensemble at Windsor Auditorium Royal Holloway Univ.of London, on Wednesday, 13th March 2013.

The work was being on workshop with CHROMA a few hours before performance and it went really well.

Mark Bowden, my composition tutor conducted the piece. Alex (violin), Clara (viola), Clare (cello), Elena (doublebass), Richard (horn), Stuart (clarinet, and Emma (oboe) was playing for CHROMA that day.

So glad to be able to listen to it and to know that the piece worked as I expected. I was a bit daunted by the aleatoric parts I put as a climax, which was my first time in notating in such way.

This piece is very challenging and has drained a lot of my energy to notate it clearly.

But it’s all worth the pain! 🙂

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