commission for Lake Forest Symphony Orchestra

commission for solo Bass Trombone

Neng Elis for piano, violin and cello, c.8 mins (for Cascade Piano Trio)

Beethoven di Bandung for orchestra, c. 8 mins (commissioned by Bandung Philharmonic)


Serumpun Padi Beethoven for orchestra, c. 5 mins


Doa for female choir (SSMMAA), an obligatory piece for the Female Choir category on ITB Choir Competition in 2015, c. 5 mins

From the Break of Morning for orchestra (fl,cl,ob,bsn, horn, tpt, tbn,perc, vln, vla, vcl, cbs) – c. 6 mins


Dispersi for 10 players -c. 8.5 mins

Sundanese Fugue for solo harpsichord – c. 3 mins

Legenda Sangkuriang for 9 players (Sundanese gamelan degung ensemble and flute, clarinet, violin, cello) -c. 12 mins

Music for Wayang Golek Puppet Theatre “Dewi Gegurit” for piano, soprano, flute, double-bass, percussions. – c. 1.5-2 hrs.

Salvage for Hebrides Ensemble (clarinet, violin, viola, cello, doublebass) – c. 6 mins

Adventure to the Bottom of the Sea for chamber (cl, ob, horn, vln, vla, vcl, cbs) – c. 8 mins

Transformasi (re-work) for orchestra (fl,ob,cl,bsn,tpt,horn,perc,vln,vla,vcl,cbs) – c. 6 mins

Crossing the Burn for SATB, 2 water bottles, glockenspiel, piano, viola – c. 2 mins

For Open Strings for strings orchestra – c. 5 mins

God is with Us, Praise the Lord! SSA for youth/children choir – c. 2.5 mins


Rumble to the Past for orchestra (2+picc 222/harp, cel, glock, perc/str) – c. 4.5 mins

Transformasi for trio clarinet (bass clarinet), viola, piano – c. 7 mins

Morn of Snow for duo flute and cello – c. 4.5 mins

Menjadi Dirimu for solo baritone, solo soprano, SATB choir, MIDI orchestration (for musical Semua Unik Semua Istimewa)

The Psalms – c. 4 mins


Birds Story for flute, oboe, bassoon – c. 2 mins

Family for flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, 2 violins, viola, cello, double bass, timpani – c. 6 mins

Aku for string quartet, flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, piano, glockenspiel, bass drum – c. 5 mins

Water and Rice (Kehidupan) for slendro and pelog Sundanese gamelan and self-made water and rice percussions – c. 8-10 mins

Adios Amigo, Auf Wiedersehen for SATB – c. 2 mins

Jiwa for solo violin and contrabass – c. 4.5 mins

Psalm 121 for congregation, solo vocal and piano – c. 3 mins

Psalm 123 for congregation, solo vocal and piano – c. 2.5 mins

A Piece of Journey for orchestra (2222/4331/timp. perc./str) – c. 3 mins


Lagu untuk Papa Mama (song-writing) for voice – c. 3 mins

Asa for solo piano – c. 2 mins

Ikhtiar for solo piano – c. 3 mins