Bali Miniatures – for string quartet (commissioned by Quatuor Bozzini) – c. 10 mins

Ngasirah (Ibunda Kartini) – for symphony orchestra (commissioned by Lake Forest Symphony Orchestra) – c.5 mins

Brownian Motion- Particles Under the Sun – for viola and piano (commissioned by Michael Hall) -c. 5 mins

Swasti Wanti Warsa for solo piano – c. 5 mins

El Senyor for flute and string quintet (commissioned by Ronny Gunawan)

Wanita for strings orchestra (commissioned by ACME strings orchestra)

Indonesia Pusaka for flute,violin and viola (for Michael Hall, Metta Ariono and Jacqueline)

Home -commission for solo Bass Trombone (commissioned by Philip Brink)

Neng Elis for piano, violin and cello, c.8 mins (for Cascade Piano Trio)

Beethoven di Bandung for orchestra, c. 8 mins (commissioned by Bandung Philharmonic)


Serumpun Padi Beethoven for orchestra, c. 5 mins


Doa for female choir (SSMMAA), an obligatory piece for the Female Choir category on ITB Choir Competition in 2015, c. 5 mins

From the Break of Morning for orchestra (fl,cl,ob,bsn, horn, tpt, tbn,perc, vln, vla, vcl, cbs) – c. 6 mins


Dispersi for 10 players -c. 8.5 mins

Sundanese Fugue for solo harpsichord – c. 3 mins

Legenda Sangkuriang for 9 players (Sundanese gamelan degung ensemble and flute, clarinet, violin, cello) -c. 12 mins

Music for Wayang Golek Puppet Theatre “Dewi Gegurit” for piano, soprano, flute, double-bass, percussions. – c. 1.5-2 hrs.

Salvage for Hebrides Ensemble (clarinet, violin, viola, cello, doublebass) – c. 6 mins

Adventure to the Bottom of the Sea for chamber (cl, ob, horn, vln, vla, vcl, cbs) – c. 8 mins

Transformasi (re-work) for orchestra (fl,ob,cl,bsn,tpt,horn,perc,vln,vla,vcl,cbs) – c. 6 mins

Crossing the Burn for SATB, 2 water bottles, glockenspiel, piano, viola – c. 2 mins

For Open Strings for strings orchestra – c. 5 mins

God is with Us, Praise the Lord! SSA for youth/children choir – c. 2.5 mins


Rumble to the Past for orchestra (2+picc 222/harp, cel, glock, perc/str) – c. 4.5 mins

Transformasi for trio clarinet (bass clarinet), viola, piano – c. 7 mins

Morn of Snow for duo flute and cello – c. 4.5 mins

Menjadi Dirimu for solo baritone, solo soprano, SATB choir, MIDI orchestration (for musical Semua Unik Semua Istimewa)

The Psalms – c. 4 mins


Birds Story for flute, oboe, bassoon – c. 2 mins

Family for flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, 2 violins, viola, cello, double bass, timpani – c. 6 mins

Aku for string quartet, flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, piano, glockenspiel, bass drum – c. 5 mins

Water and Rice (Kehidupan) for slendro and pelog Sundanese gamelan and self-made water and rice percussions – c. 8-10 mins

Adios Amigo, Auf Wiedersehen for SATB – c. 2 mins

Jiwa for solo violin and contrabass – c. 4.5 mins

Psalm 121 for congregation, solo vocal and piano – c. 3 mins

Psalm 123 for congregation, solo vocal and piano – c. 2.5 mins

A Piece of Journey for orchestra (2222/4331/timp. perc./str) – c. 3 mins


Lagu untuk Papa Mama (song-writing) for voice – c. 3 mins

Asa for solo piano – c. 2 mins

Ikhtiar for solo piano – c. 3 mins