Admitted as London Symphony Orchestra Soundhub Associate Composer

This is a very good news that arrived right after I completed my Masters degree in Royal Holloway. Stepping into my composing career, I am glad to be admitted to one of London Symphony Orchestra’s prestigious scheme for composer: Soundhub and become one of their 6 associate composers chosen this year. It is good to know that I was shortlisted for Soundhub membership, although did not go through because of the high number of applications for the scheme with a very strong set of proposals.

 Anyway, as an associate there are a lot that I would benefit, from 

being part of a strong network of composers and musicians, get access to Soundhub sessions over the year with LSO players and industry professionals, access to LSO concerts and rehearsals and LSO St Luke’s. 

And here is the first Indonesian (female) young composer in the community of LSO Soundhub composers 🙂

I am looking forward to learn and explore more of the composing world 🙂